Free Energy 101

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About Me


Jerry Thomas is a native Californian and received his BS degree in Electronics Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1979. He has worked for many silicon valley corporations, including National Semiconductor, Televideo, Atari and many others and he has consulted with many high tech companies. He has invented many technologies including “palm” technology and he did that one long before the companies that are now popular for all of those “palm” things. Other than JTs expertise in product inventing, JT has specialized in R&D on unusual energy, transportation and healing technologies in the last 20 years and he has consulted and worked for many esoteric and exotic inventors. He has also invented some unusual energy devices of his own. In 2003, he was so inspired by various exotic and “free energy” ideas that he decided to write a book, titled Free Energy 101, on the “free energy” subject so that others could learn about the incredible advances that he was involved with in those areas. One of JTs more inspired endeavors is to create efforts and to be part of efforts that advance many cutting edge energy, transportation and healing technologies for the benefit of all. On a personal note, JTs many hobbies and interests including scuba diving, bicycling, flying and dabbling in unusual archeological artifacts and other intriguing topics and technologies.